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The Birth
Giving birth is a transformative event in a family's life. The support of a trained doula helps you navigate the unfamiliar and unpredictable journey that is labor and birth. We believe birth is a natural process and that a woman and her body have inherent wisdom and power to bring a new baby into the world. Our role, as your doula, is to honor that wisdom and support you (and your partner) through your birth. Our goal is that you will end up with a birth experience you feel positive about.

Please use the Contact Us link to set-up a no-obligation meeting to see if we are a good fit.
Prenatal Meetings

The role of the Doula begins before before birth. We will schedule two, 2-hour prenatal meetings where we will:

  • Review your goals and plans for the birth.
  • Discuss various medical options and the pros and cons to each.
  • Formulate a birth plan that fits your desires and needs.
  • Practice comfort techniques.
  • Provide unlimited phone, text and email access for questions or concerns.
​Labor Support

We will be on-call starting at 38 weeks and will come join you in labor whenever you decide you need me, day or night, and stay until baby is born. Once there, we will:

  • Provide encouragement, emotional and physical support to help you cope with contractions.
  • Make suggestions for position changes or other pain coping techniques.
  • Provide evidenced-based information about medical management of labor to help you make decisions.
  • Support the partner, as the partner supports the laboring mother.
Postpartum Care

The fee for doula services also includes one postpartum visit in your home, usually a week after baby is born.  The postpartum visit includes:

  • Discuss and process your birth experience.
  • Troubleshoot any concerns your have about breastfeeding and newborn care.
  • Suggestions for mother's physical recovery.
  • Information about signs and symptoms of postpartum mood disorders.
  • Provide resources and referrals as needed.
The links below provide more information about the benefits of hiring a birth doula.