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Nurture Seattle LLC      |  Seattle, Washington    |
Nurture has worked with hundreds of families.  

We are proud to share just a few of the 
testimonials we have received over the years from our clients.
Raves from Nurture Families
Savitha - First Time Mother                                                                                                                                                  
​“At a time of such new and tremendous change and adjustment, Alina's support was what saw me through the first few weeks. Her kindness and calm presence helped me deal with the emotional turbulence that I was experiencing at the time. Alina was more than a pillar of support, she was amazing. . . . She helped me set up the nursery. She showed me simple things that I had no idea about as a new mom- like bathing the baby, using a bottle, pumping etc. Alina has a great work ethic. I wholeheartedly would recommend her to anyone. If I have another baby, I'm calling her for sure.” 
Michelle - Mother of Triplets                                                                                                                                                  
​“Jennifer Dodd worked with us two nights per week for three months after our triplets came home from the NICU. She was an invaluable resource and support for my husband and me. Her caring and capable demeanor always made us feel comfortable asking her any question, and we completely trusted her with our precious newborns. I looked forward to her visits, not only because I would get a little more sleep, but also because we felt so confused and overwhelmed, and she helped us to manage schedules, figure out baby behavior, and take care of ourselves. We would recommend Jen to any new parents, but especially parents of multiples.” 
Tasha - First Time Mother of Twins                                                                                                                                                  
​“Jennifer was willing to help our family without hesitation. She spent days with me working on breastfeeding. I have no idea how many conversations about parenting style. Sometimes we just sat holding babies. She always made sure we ate slpet or just took a shower. In a very short peiod of time Jennifer became a trusted advisor”
Chris & Jessica - First Time Parents                                                                                                                                                 
​“Alina started working with us even before the birth of our first child because we had no idea what to expect as new parents. She was kind enough to come to the hospital right after the birth as well. We were very thankful to have her calm experience and wisdom in such a crazy time of our lives. She has so much knowledge and experience to offer in such a caring and friendly way that we whole-heartedly recommend her to anybody needing doula services.” 
Lisa - First Time Mother of Twins                                                                                                                                                
​“Jennifer helped us with our infant twins. She was always on time, utterly reliable-despite wretched winter weather, always in good humor, and wonderful with the kids. Her support, when I was struggling with new mom stuff, was very grounded and sincere. Jennifer's awesome! 
Jessica - Second Time Mother                                                                                                                                               
​“I found Alina's help invaluable. Even though I had people out here to help, she were the most help. When she left, my house was clean and the kids were calm and I was able to get some rest.”